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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

Great game, but i have a problem with the music overlapping and not stoping. Can you fix this?

Muja responds:

Oh yeah, that's a bug that happens only in the battle with Vega and only if you watched the precedent scene entirely.
To avoid that, SKIP the scene before the battle. That should fix it.

I'd like to fix the bug in person, but I lost the original file of this game, so...

Well, thank you for your review and your compliments!

I beat Akuma the second time I tried, I think a very difficult one is Gen.

Muja responds:

Yeah, Gen is pretty much as strong as Akuma.. But that fight is made easier by the fact you use Akuma himself, so you can't complain! :D

Thank you for your review!


Muja responds:

Ow, man, you still have to meet Akuma...!!! THAT fight is (almost) impossible!
But if you don't give up you'll beat them both, eventually!

Seriously amazing game. Intuitive and fun combat system, a solid and interesting story, important yet simple leveling system. This game needs a sequel or at the very least more games like this.

Only real negative is a bug i found, if you lose the secret match the game freezes. Not a big deal as the game auto saves, but worth mentioning.

For those struggling with akuma get ryus combo to level 2 and kens to level 3 then everything else in guard. That way you can optimize the amount of hits you inflict while avoiding as much damage as possible.
Basically block everything and don't swap between the characters fight until the first character is beaten.

Muja responds:

Here's another brave player who was able to defeat Akuma! Congrats, pal, that's not easy at all!
And thank you for your nice review! :)

perfect game!you can remake it with akuma playable in the whole game(or make it as a secret character playable after beating the game)

Muja responds:

Hey there, thank you for your review!
Something like a "deluxe" version, uh? I might think about it... But not in the near future, sadly