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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

Discovered this only just now, many years after it was released, and man this is nice.
Just wish you could either grind fights to gain more levels or reset skills somehow, cuz I am basically soft locked on Vega - he deletes half my guard bar even with a short combo and I Ken't deal enough damage to overcome that. Using the guard command is useless for the same reason, he depletes is faster than I could replenish... the balance is not that well done I guess...then again, that IS true to the spirit of the original games ahahaha

Pretty cool idea. Might be fun. But no WASD support? Uh, nope. G'bye.

This game is perfect! I love it! A very important piece from my childhood :")
Edit: I was able to defeat Gouken on the highest difficulty without dying early in the game!!!

i only wait when the part 2 go aout
apart of that is a really good game


my gosh satsui no hadou is so hard lol