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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

I also agree that this game was one of the best of all time even though it isn't an actual street fighter game I'd love if you could make a second one if only capcom allowed you to.

Muja responds:

Capcom is not really a problem, they've always been fairly benevolent to fan games, it's my personal choice. Fan games with copyrighted sprites were fun while I was learning to code, but now I have to make my own story, characters and art.

On that note, after I publish the Dead Detective game on Steam, I might change genre and make an original RPG with similar gameplay... I'm thinking about it.

Thank you for your nice review!

A timeless classic, back when newgrounds was still novel and fresh and it really felt like a community of young talent carving out something extraordinary in the world. You were a part of that Muja.

Muja responds:

This review really made my day, thank you for your nice words!
I still think that Newgrounds is one of the best places to find fresh, novel content. I still love this place, and don't worry, many talented developers are making new content as we speak.

I've come across this and this inspired me to read all the way from Dan Hibiki to Akuma about the Street Fighter cast... Haven't played this when it was launched altough I played SF when I was little on the Snes. Not much though. Good riddance. Thought the mechanics were simple enough with some opponents being near unreadable, a couple of times winning out of luck such as against Vega and sometimes messing up the mouse and skipping turns at random....... Still was an enjoyable way to experience most of the core characters in SF.

Muja responds:

This is one of my oldest games - 2011, woah, seems like yesterday - but I'm very proud of it, despite the limitations in the coding due to me being pretty much a newbie in game-making at the time.

And yes, the main reason I made it is because I've always been fascinated by the fantastic lore behind the Street Fighter cast.
Someone should make a VERY GOOD movie about it, because really, the material is there. You just have to use it.

I'm glad you liked it :)

Daaamn, I remember playing this a LONG time ago. Had lots of fun! :P

Muja responds:

Yeah, this is a very old game, but it's nice to see that someone's still playing it! :)

Just another reviewer that can't read, or thimk.. if i could i would have been able to block, or defeat an opponent. I also would have be snart enough to reload, and figure it out by listening to it again.. I tried looking in the reviews to see if someone else had my same problem, and maybe get an answer from the uploader.. but once again i obviously wasn't able to read guud enough..

Obviously it's all my fault, and i'm the only one to ever have a bad gaming experience with this game.... Obviously there are absolutely no flaws in this fantastic game or any oversight with the Omniscience Uploader...

Hail!.. Hail!.. Hail!...

(remember.. if you're having problems.. It's Your Problem!.. stop being so stupud!)

Muja responds:

Frankly, I don't understand your confrontational tone - nobody's blaming you!

Anyway, it *could* have something to do with the version of your flash plugin (though the game is very old, so that shouldn't be a problem). To be sure, install the latest version.
I've tried to play the game right now, and it still works for me.

In the chance that the tutorial wasn't clear enough, that's how you defend:
- when an enemy attacks you and the screen goes dark, press the UP, DOWN or RIGHT arrow on your KEYBOARD, depending on where you *think* the opponent is aiming;
- to understand where the enemy is going to hit, look carefully at his attacking stance.

Once again, if the game is too hard play, change the difficulty setting to "easy".

With all these things considered, you should now be able to play the game.
If you still can't, send me a PM and I'll try to help however I can.

Thank you for the review.