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Reviews for "Street Fighter LoA"

It's a good game!

Visuals: Very pleasing. Nice pixelated street fighter.
Sound: The music was good. The violin music in the in-between matches sound nice for a while. Then it gets a little annoying.
Plot: Very interesting story! With cool endings. (BTW, how come when I finish the prologue and load my game again it is still if as though I never finished the prologue?)

Bug: Whenever you swap characters, their red bar (or ki) gets replenished to the max. Was this your intention or have you not seen this bug? (I personally used this bug to defeat the two baddest fighters).

Muja responds:

That is not a bug, you're supposed to have the red bar full whenever you swap the fighters, and that's to encourage you to switch them frequently!

I'm really glad you liked my game, thanks for the review!


makes the real version not look good

Muja responds:

I think you're exaggerating, but thank you a lot! ^_^


I like it, but in part 2(if you want to make second edition), try applying a real time combat like on psp :) I think that will be really funny :D

Muja responds:

Well, if I did like you say, then it would be a fighting game, not an rpg anymore! ^_^
And if I wanted to make a fighting game, I would have done so from the start!
Thank you for your review!

Oh great -_

Thanks to you, I spend like 3 hours playing this game. thanks alot JERK!

lol seriously, I enjoyed it, great game bro. Keep it up :D :D :D :D :D

Muja responds:

Ahahah, thank you!!! ^_^


Really fun and addicting! Played it for hours before having to stop

Muja responds:

I'm really glad my game entertained you!! ^_^ Thanks for the review