Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Story good but your info is a bit dismal

I have to say it is nice to see somebody try to dethrown the Jonas' but it seems a bit late. They have truly died out when Beiber hit the market. My big problem was the terrible walk cycles and arm movments. My biggest gripe is the wheel on the car is an English one and the Jonas are clearly American. I assumed you were from England but the Jonas managed to have American accents. When animating make sure you are thinking about the fact you are animating in America not the UK. However, backgrounds were clearly a good strength and hats off to you.

too old :L

th girls need to look a lot more like 5 year olds my friend


If youre youre gonna make a flash about the jonas bros,you should add more humor and less plot.On top of that the plot seemed to strech on and not go anywhere.And the Jonas bros should of been killed in more satisfying way.drawings were good though,I like your animation

What do you mean, "Directed by?"

I've got good news and bad news my friend.
First off, the good news. From a purely technical standpoint, this flash wasn't bad. The audio quality varied, but for the most part, it was high enough that I could understand all the noises I was hearing. (Not that I always wanted to, but I'll get to that later.) Onto the visuals. They were passable at best. The scenery was very pretty, and you did cover a lot of different background shots throughout the movie. That impressed me. Sometimes the visuals even shined- for example, when panning over to the dragon's cave, the animation going into the cave, the buildings flying by during the car chase, and the interior shots of the house. Combine both of these two aspects together and yes, you do technically have a "movie." There were viewable visuals and audible audio. However, by themselves an actual movie these two don't make.

Time for the bad news. The characters designs- while not crap- were bad. All the girls in the crowd looked like they were linebackers for the Dallas Cowboys. Seriously, did you see the shoulders on some of those girls? Woah. The script- what little there was- was also bad: pretty terrible, actually. The plot was existent, but that's it. It's like trying to say that because an artist pooped, it's art. (Oh wait... they did do that- look it up.) I get that the Jonas Brothers awoke a dragon and so it is trying to kill them, but why would it have ANY REASON whatsoever to chase them through the city after it killed Kevin and scared them away? It makes no sense. And yes I know shows like Aqua Teen Hungerforce make no sense either, but they are funny. Which brings me to my next point: humor. This flash was NOT FUNNY at all. Well okay the one slightly- and I'm stretching it when I say slightly- humorous part was the girl's sign that read, "I want to be in your Harem." But that is it! Nothing else was funny!! Situational humor? Oh ho ho, The Jonas Brothers are being chased by a Dragon! What a Jolly good time! *Yes that was supposed to be read in a British accent.* Script Humor? "Eloctrocusion's what he got... E-I-E-I-O." What are you 5? Old McDonald, really?! Tut tut sir, that's simply a faux paus. I almost forgot! The Voice Acting. Wow. Okay, listen, a the end credits it says, "Featuring the talents of..." whoever voiced the characters, but there was no TALENT! It was once again crap. I'm starting to see a theme develop here: the theme of fecal matter being a metaphor for the "directing" you did on this film.

Let's Review: Good audio quality- check. Impressive animation skill and some nice visuals- check check. Horrible Character designs, Bad Script, Terrible Plot, Unfunny, badly acted hot steaming turd of an overall product- CHECK.

Sorry to be so harsh, but if you're going to tackle such an ambitious project, get help. You have talent in the animation and drawing fields- focus on that! With some more practice you could be actually very good. Add to that the fact that you didn't have a 3-D renderer, and I am actually impressed... a little. Do not, however, continue to try and direct flash films: that is not your forte. Go try a collaboration with many other artist and let the true directorial minded artist out there head it up. The bottom line is that there is light at the end of this tunnel, we just had to wade through a way too long tunnel of crap to get to it.

1 out of 5. 2 out of 10.

'Till Next Time!--------------------Shadow_Fox_N inja


I didn't like it...
The animation was.. annoying and yah
As well as idea..
Well at least they all died at the end :D