Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Well, I don't know about that...

I mean, did those kids really deserve to be sadistically burned alive, their sizzling flesh sending wave after wave of unendurable, unimaginable pain throughout their shriveling central nervous system, making every picosecond of their last moments on Earth seem like an eternity of never ending, horrific agony just before their brains start to cook and their blood begins to boil and coagulate inside their own bodies...? Wasn't that a little harsh...?.............. Wait....... did you say, "The Jonas Brothers"...? Sorry, never mind, then. They got off light... I will say this, though: At least their not "The Backstreet Boys" (Yeah, if that street is Castro Street in San Francisco...). %$#& "The Jonas Brothers" (or as most fathers call them: "How your 9 year old daughter can go through the entirety of puberty in one weekend") with a medieval Mace until their insides just start falling out of the hole........ And they have the nerve to promote "Promise Rings" (%$#&, Did ANYONE wonder why one of them got married at 18...? So, he could have vicious, spine-crushing, "Whip my balls until I call you Mommy" sex without hurting any record sales (I guarantee you, once they fall out of favor and they can finally do what they want without Disney yanking on their choke chains {That are attached to guess where...?}, those kids are so going to be eventually busted in some underage, S & M coke/PCP party and they'll all be taken off to jail with their pants around their ankles (Also, how much do you wanna bet one of them will eventually turn his "Promise Ring" into a "Prince Albert" loop...? I swear to God, its going to happen...). Christ, I can see how ONE of them might be into chastity and abstinence, but ALL of them...? Their teenage boys with millions of dollars and a never ending supply of teenage GIRLS that, at the drop of a hat, would rip their own clothes off, cover themselves in Cool Whip, get on all fours and bark like a dog just to be allowed in the same BUILDING as them. The only explanation is that their mother spoon feeds them Salt Peter every morning, otherwise, they'd be going through so much tail their %$#&s would be sporting a quarter inch callous each...
I feel very dirty that I've put so much thought into this..... 'Scuse me, I have to go listen to every Butthole Surfers albums ever made... That ought to cleanse the pallate...


Oh, by the way, um, nice 'toon..... Uh, yeah...


PS. Do the next one about Miley Cyrus getting impregnated by a far sighted Cyclops... and maybe at the end, he gets contacts, finally sees what he's been boning for God knows how long, runs off in tearful disgust, never to come back. Then the kid is born, takes one look at his mother, dives back inside and begins to eat her from within..... Hmmmmm...... Winter sure can make you cranky, huh...?

i give it a nine

a few things that should be fixed the animation sound could be better but on top of all that it was great

Jonas Brothers Dust

Great idea. You did a favor for society. Now just burn Justin Beiber.

the why

they look chinesse.
for the voices and animation i give u a 3, for the idea of killing jonas brothers y give u a 9


I personally think burning the Jonas Brothers gets one of highest honors one can get. Animation wasn't very fluid though but its a step, i like it.
A message to choborra wanting people to vote 5 isnt a bad thing messages are entertaining to look at