Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

I love the smell of sellout in the mornin'.

And I must say that you should not listen to the naysayers. The true spirit of Everything By Everyone exists and this is a prime example. It was funny, it was stupid, and I love it. Not everything has to be expertly drawn or professionally voiced. Just some random splurge of idea, a tablet (or not), and a few friends...And some hilariously funny shit can happen.

And it did, my friend...And it did.


Once upon a time, there was this site called Newgrounds.com that contained almost nothing but celebrity death games and hentai-esq torture. Most of the graphics were awful, and the sound quality sucked, but IT DIDN'T MATTER! It was funny, and that was all that mattered.

This video was also funny. Jonas Brothers vs Dragon? Classic. The chase scene in the Disney Slave? Wonderful. Not to mention the amount of effort put into this video. Reviewers take it for granted the amount of work needed to pull off a flash, let alone 5 minutes worth!

Overall, 10/10! I'm certain your animations will only get better over time. I look forward to seeing more!

wow that...

was ... not good.
story was so very boring, the characters were insanely stupid and that electric field was the most unlogic thing i've ever seen. i mean science fiction okay. dragons MAYBE ok. BUT PLEASE TRY TO MAKE THINGS LOOK LOGIC! what is a thousand volts with 0,01 ampere!? jesus. and why is the police chasing someone when there is obviously a dragon in the sky that rages through the city? of course, priorities, get those speedies! oh yeah. just more action, right?
so: i think you DID at sometime got frustrated about a movie that was TOO stupid, too unlogical. sheees..

story: useless, i'd give it a 1 but the characters were so insanely stupid and the jokes (and the laughters) were ... not. good. zero

sound: you're using free samples. that's okay. most of them fitted. mic voice sometimes crappy due to loudness, but it was 'OKAY'. 4

animation: characters were moving like robots. the girls in the beginning were somehow extending there arms. looked weird. work on shoulders an arm / leg movements. 3

ps: i'm still frustrated that i even watched this because the story was <NOT, REALLY NOT GOOD>


that was horrible.. since when are the j brothers asian? animation ill give you like 4/10... the mics your voice actors used are horrible. could not finish watching it. make no sense at all.

It was pretty funny.

I like what you made here, it was a genuinely good effort by the looks of things, and at the review below by TonioMiguel, I think they were driving on a Dual Carriageway (or whatever you guys call 2 roads that go the same direction) I could be mistaken.

LordHayden responds:

They were driving a Dodge Viper.