Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

well its ok i guess

what i found weird is that your icon image doesn't reflect your animation style but thats another boring story.Well what i liked is your skill to turn objects in a 2d space that was pretty cool but what you have to do is work harder on your colors it looked a bit weird and not more natural to me just keep pushing and you will go far.Extra points for your hard work.Get the wacom intus 4 or get a cintq if possible you will fall in love with the tablet or the cintiq.

This is RIGHT!!!

A dragon is the only sureFIRE way to make sure the Jones Brothers....and Justin Beiber, are dead, you sir...are a genius!

1000 volts

not very much really


Well three main things i gotta say. 1: The continuity of the animation is a bit off. I mean the drivers side of the car kept switching from left to right. that was a down side.....But I will look past that. 2: Haha The Jonas Brothers were all burned alive. Thats how it should be. You need to make this killing of disney stars a reoccuring theme. PLEASE?! 3: It would have made me pi$$ my pants laughing iof the dragon started singing about the jonas brother burning to the tune of Old mac donald. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BOMB DIGGITY! to recap. 1: Continuity errors...2: Make funny deaths of disney stars or annoying ones a common thing. and 3: This is funny as hell!

as much as i liked the story...

frankly, i snored my way through the flash.

great animation, great technique, but i probably won't ever watch this again ever.