Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Thats a black dragon for you.

i like the animation, but why the drama on the end, it kinda spoils the ending.
Still a good flash tho.

A Good Blamming Story

More than just a blam toward the Jonas Bros., which they deserve, but a damn good story about why you should not fuck with dragons using crappy music.

they're already dead

They already killed themselves with their music, like every other disney star to date, ill give you 3 stars for the animation being smooth

Fans are more irritated than the movie's terror.

I'm sorry. This needs original credit, than what's out there, controlling the population's majority. You rock sir. W.T.F.?

Well the Jonas brothers died so...

that alone is worthy of a ten! Although your attention to detail was a bit lacking when they are in the car and fag 1 is yelling at fag 2 to start the car. Seems like it switched between an American version with the steering wheel on the left and European with it on the right...just sayin'. Little details can make all the difference. But again since the Jonas brothers all died it's worthy of a ten.