Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

I liked it.

Nice story line. Great characters, Great animations. The music was errr...but I'm not into that type of music. Keep up the great work.

I gave this 10/10 but

this review system is shit.
If you like it you can just put . for the summary and review you get "People find this review helpful!" if you rate it low and have 900000000000000001 good points you get
"People think this is a useless review." people thumps up are for wither it's a good review not if the review says the flash is good.

What a beautiful message~ :D

Crimes punishable with death in a fiery blaze of doom:
- mocking dragons
- being in a terrible band called The Jonas Brothers

I have to agree with Shrimpy in that the plot and dialogue weren't so interesting, however, the excellent animation and the fact that we get to watch the Jonas bros. be terrorized by a freaking dragon, of all things, plenty makes up for it in my eyes, hahahaha~


I love watching those homo die xD

To Be Honest

TBH, That dragon animation and alot of the stuff you put in there probably couldn't be done by a whole lotta famous animators on this webstie BUT PLOT... terrible. It was painful to watch because it was so boring even though I could tell you put alot of effort in this. work on trying to make it funnier, and not as monotone. It was too long and no twist at the end. PEEPO WANT TWISTS