Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

It was good

The effort you put in this is pretty big, but the voices could have been better and it was a bit funny. I'm not saying 7 months wasn't a long time. It's just I think you could have spent your time doing more shorter and more humorous. So, overall, nice flash! Oh, and you should have chosen a better ending.


The animation itself wasnt bad, but the sound quality was bollocks, it hurt my ears, oh wait most of that was from the jonas brothers piss poor music! lol

Best they have ever done

but, just a note.
unless you have ampere in your Volt, 1000 volt is not so much.
10.000 volt is equal to a static discharge when you rub against wool.


Nice animation BUT, Jonas Brothers did not die a horrible death which is full of pain and gore.


on the side of the bus it sayd ''vote 5 or else''
good hidden joke man