Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

Pretty good

Did you intentionally switch the driver side from the right to the left in some shots. What was really obvious was when the driver was on the right but looking at the left side mirror.

it was good

the animation was good, but very inconsistent, for example at sometimes it was a lot better than other times. The sound was good, but the recording was choppy and the volume was too loud on some things. Concept was interesting, but it was a bit long, and making jokes about the jonas brothers have gotten old unfortunately.

so yeah

the jonas brothers
look asian.
The art could use some work, which means the animation was lacking as well


Not trying to be a jerk, but it wasn't really worth the front page. I probably would've enjoyed if my expectations weren't so high.

The animations for some things seemed a little long and jittery (When the music ends, they both hit their guitars too late), the cartoon was too long, there were some parts that were a little pointless. For a second I didn't think they'd die at all. The voice acting was very meh, and some of the script was a little over-dramatic and silly sounding (Idk if this was on purpose or not).

The animation reminded me of this one game I played when I was about 7 or 8 (Like AdventureQuest or something?), which I used to find atrocious, even at that age. I understand, though, that you didn't have the software to make better animations, so that doesn't affect your score.


it was good, just not... front page good

the animation was ok but choppy, voices were not very well done, and i didn't get into the story, id like it more... if it werent on front page