Reviews for "Jonas Brothers Immolation"

funny and educational

in not only a immolation of well hated stars but also gives a very important message

1.just because you don't think its real doesn't mean it isn't

2. and pissing off something bigger than you and can breathe fire is fatal

... P.S will we ever see bieber horrorificly maimed in such an amusing fashion?

A Good Blamming Story

More than just a blam toward the Jonas Bros., which they deserve, but a damn good story about why you should not fuck with dragons using crappy music.


that il teach them to doubt dragon power lol !!!

damn straight

aw yea bitches all what

It was good

The effort you put in this is pretty big, but the voices could have been better and it was a bit funny. I'm not saying 7 months wasn't a long time. It's just I think you could have spent your time doing more shorter and more humorous. So, overall, nice flash! Oh, and you should have chosen a better ending.