Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


Its a good game...it's just too freakin' hard!!!


Some games catch my attention and entertain me..
This one didn't, actually.
I played until the 5th level, then got bored. Could've been better.

It has a lot going for it

I'll admit that I didn't play alot of this game. I played the first boss twice and lost both times, though the second time was close. Because of that, I will give the benefit of the doubt ratings-wise and only review what I experienced.

At first it had a very diablo-esque feel to it. That's not a bad thing at all, the play style was quite familiar and the feel of the game was pretty easy to get into. The controls, I feel, were a major hindrance. The fact that the bombs (what seems to be a necessary mechanic to advance in the game) were set to the same hand as moving meant that I had to, however briefly, pause myself to lay/detonate a bomb. It was difficult to get a feel for this and I think that it could have been executed differently. Maybe I should have experimented with alternate key interfaces though, so I won't hold this against the game.

The graphics were great. Really, no complaints at all about the in game or the cutscene/menu animation. It seemed to be very professional and polished. The upgrade screen was also well made, though it was a bit confusing at first. A simple tutorial or even a single overlay screen the first time we access the upgrades would have gone over very well in my opinion. I think that it's great that you made a bit of tutorial, but I think that you should have expanded it just slightly to encompass all of the mechanics of the game.

The atmosphere of the game was great. The story, while perhaps a bit cheesy, was very fitting, no complaints there - this type of game doesn't need Pulitzer winning writing. The music was very good, though I suspect it would change as the game advances - at least I hope it would to prevent stagnation. Again, benefit of the doubt there.

The size of the 'arena' - I found it a bit constraining. I know that there are limits in a technical as well as game mechanics sense, but it seemed that the playfield was very constricting. I found the jump/roll mechanic to be a great addition but it perhaps could have been utilized better or more efficiently in a larger field of play.

Being a flash game, as opposed to a commercial release, I think this game, from my experiences, does very well. It seems somewhat small, as a general impression, which certainly can be a great thing in this medium. Perhaps the author's vision is destined toward something a bit larger in scale; I think that it certainly could go that route, but I do not think that the current incarnation gives the author's vision any justice.

There are some refinements that could help, in scale, mechanics, and interface that would propel this game to great heights, and I hope that my critique will help you to move it to the next level. Overall, I do think that this is a good, solid game that many people will enjoy. (I had no glitches present in my experience, even though it wasn't expansive). It might not be my cup o' tea, but I appreciate the work an refinement that went into it. Thank you for a game and I wish you luck as you continue to develop in a great direction.

It's good but it failed to keep me entertained...

I hope you understand... I got bored on the 4th level... It's a good game!!!


It is a great shootemup game. Could use a bit more difficulty even on the hardest setting.