Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

Fun but glitchy

This game was highly entertaining but at the same time very laggy at random points and at one point my character seemingly teleported to the top of the screen but the camera was still centered where I originally was. I was unable to really do much of anything after that.

The controls where ok and the gameplay was entertaining. It was well thought out and explained very well but honestly I hoped for a little more.

Unique artfulness, terrible control response.

Looks like you were on to something cool, but forgot to establish some just as cool gameplay.

there are too many enemies!!!!!

there are too many enemies in the game and looks like its an endless hord of enemies and thats only easy easy looks a bit more like cross between medium and hard

Mostly just flash...

Mostly flash here, not much substance. What is up with all of the "Fight the endless hordes" games today? Am I the only one that finds them repetitive?


This is freakkin awesome. Great animations and epic boss battles.
The Lost Soul that explodes on you IS THE ORB OF FIRE ICON FROM WARCRAFT III. :)