Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

some help if anyone has issues with the bosses

1st boss Killer Worm: I say kill the tentacles first but other then that just shoot the head and jump out of the way when he comes at you.

2nd boss. Red Skeleton Boomerang Bros: Kill them and then bomb the bones to finish them

3rd boss. Skull spider: Impossible to lose to if you have the shield. I suggest the crossbow in the other hand. you can't kill the smaller skulls or block the lazers.

4th boss Charger brigade: Get your flamer. At lvl 2 it can kill one before it even charges. for the others keep rolling until the last one and kill that one.

5th boss. Corpse Ball: same as the skull spider

final 'boss' the lazy eyeball squid: pathetically easy...it doesant even attack you. just flame it and get out while killing or avoiding the enmies. I suggest killing the pumpkins as a priority.

My review on the game is a ten/ten. Though two of the bosses cant touch you if you hjave the shield and the final boss is pathetic. and two others are just waves of enemies. So in all only 1 boss is any threat and thats the first and is way to easy. the enemies are harder then the bosses themselves which is a issue. But all in all...this is a very original game , very well done, and deserves a ten. But take out or atleast limit the shield in the next game. Its way over powered!


Did anyone else think about Zoolander during the opening narration? Otherwise an excellent game. Very high quality for a flash game.

I liked it

The 3d was very good and the game play is great.

Needs different quality modes.

I could barely tell where my guy was, since he seemed to react to my instructions 2 minutes too late. The dual weapon system was interesting, but the enemy spawn system was irritating. I also had a problem with the souls: it never told how many I was supposed to get. I almost quit before the first boss, just because it was monotonous.

Not bad

Its good, but there is only two things that really bothers me:
- having to manually collect the soul orbs that lie on the ground.. i must lose 50% of them since i cant get to them in time or doing so would get me killed.
-- Have an upgrade that allow us to collect them ALL as soon as they appear, or increase the range at wich we collect them.

- not having information on weapon performance (numbers); wich mean we dotn know if upgrading something is worth it or not in the long term.

Item drop is low (i didnt play for long.. just got a belt)
takes WAY too long to get into the game when we start it (long logos, intro screen and transitions)

Otherwise the gameplay is fine. Graphics do their job. Works well overall.