Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

It's so FUN!!!!!!

i played it for a while and that ended up being HALF AN HOUR! Man this game is addicting, and i love it.


1. Design and interface is pretty stylish. Game has a lot of style with the upgrades, items, etc.
2. I like how the player's hitbox is pretty small. This is the way it should be for shooters.

1. There's a bug with keeping souls after you die. If you die and click continue, the souls revert to what you had when you started the level. But if you click main menu, the end-level number of souls are saved. This can be exploited easily. For example, start the level with 200 souls. Make your upgrade (which are always saved). Then die and click continue. Start a new level and you still have 200 souls for another upgrade...
2. The game seems to be a little jerky at times, like some sort of strange lag.
3. Progression of the game didn't add any new excitement. The last level, for example wasn't very epic at all.

so freakin addictive

great job on this game. good graphics, no lag, sick weapons. however, double crossbow all the way. no reason to have anything else, except on crazy busy boards - mix crossbow with lasers and youre good.

PS: i couldnt beat any boards w/o getting hit at least once. soooo frustrating. my suggestion to all is to go on easy and try level one.

Great game, but...

Lack of levels, lack of weapons, cannot keep souls after you die.
But other than that, its great.


very enjoyable,like the items and upgrades.. fine job.Music is from Sacred Seasons 2 battle theme....hope u have permission if it is required ...i dont care i like it lol

andvari3d responds:

The music used both in Sacred Seasons and this game is a Rotalty Free music track from www.incompetech.com :)