Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


really good game cant stop playing thanks


This score if for newgrounds community.
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I stopped playing when...

I found I couldn't keep the souls I collected after I died. That meant I couldn't upgrade my weapons, which meant I couldn't get any further in the game. Please fix this problem in the next version.

Good game, but...

There is this one glitch that bothered me when playing. When you are shooting, your gun doesn't move with you. So if your firing in on corner, and move your recital to another, you guns don't follow the recital. You'll still be shooting in that direction, but you'll be facing the first. This wasn't a deal breaker though. This is still a pretty coll game.

Amazing Game overall

This was great and enjoyable to play , graphics are really great and it did remind me of a game I played on PS2 before.. Renegade something? forgot the title but it was similar in this genre , except it was an actual storyline with actual levels.

A couple of let downs occured to me tho , Crossbow was the best way to go equipped with the shield you're pretty much invincible.. I beat the last level no problem on hard with like 1min 30 sec left lol Also I seem to have encountered a "limit" to the items dropping o.O Even with the pendant equipped to get more drops I stopped getting rings, pendants and belts ( which I only got 1 belt and it was the achievement one o.O ) I tried farming all the levels to see the other rings and stuff but nope , nothing lol

Overall Great game as I said , I would definitely love to see a sequel to this with real actual levels and perhaps a EXP system with stats to increase?