Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

beautiful game

graphics are great and gameplay is fun, I like this one alot

Great game!

Great game, I really enjoyed it.

The main problem with the game is balance. Handguns are pretty useless, crossbows will wipe out an entire screen while doing quite a lot of damage(especially if you dual-wield), fingers are pretty cool but generally not as good as the crossbows, the flamethrower thing... don't really like it but it does hurt like hell.

Holy Shield. Wielding that may make you take forever to kill the bigger enemies(so you should only use the Shield if you are dying or taking too much damage), but the defense it gives is pretty much priceless. You can block any projectile with it; extremely useful when you're fighting a tonne of those skeletons, blobs and beholders. There is pretty much no reason to level up Holy Shield because the ability to block projectiles that come right in front of you is already given to you at level 1.

Bosses, save for the first one(tentacles) and the last one(because of the minions), are generally too easy. Holy Wrath is quite useful for killing bosses, but against minions, you're better off just shooting and using the fire shards(mines).

So aside from the balance and the fact that the game is not very replayable due to the lack of a survival mode(to prevent repetition), I really enjoyed this game.


It played like a lot of other games, so no points for originality, but it was fun and the story was cool. I feel like the story is really what sets it apart from Bow Master, so maybe deepen that for the sequel (please finish the sequel!).

And it's weird, the main character looks almost exactly like me XD

pure excellence

this is the best game iv'e played on here yet, i only had one issue with it... no quality control, my computer lagged due to high quality standards for the game and that affected the score a bit, but besides that it was pure excellence, my overall score for the game is 9.9 out of 10 but i'll just give you a ten since i can't give 9.9


Needs to be longer...