Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

Renaissance rules

Very educational, great game with nice music

Very impressed.

I enjoy riddles with old time pictures; kind of like assassins creed does. It's always fun to solve riddles like this. I did pretty good my first play through; because I had crazy deja-vu and it felt like I had seen the pictures before.

Great game :D

This game is really nice! Except that my computer sucks, so the cursor moves slowly. Gotta admit some were difficulty, SOME WERE OMGGGG SO HARD and some were nice and easy :D Especially the pointing one? I just randomly clicked and got the answer :D

mrty responds:

If the game is slow, try turning down the graphics quality. You can do so at the upper right corner of the screen.

i love this game

but the connecting to newgrounds thing keeps me from clicking the pointers face

great game

you should definatly make a sequel