Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

The difference from other games!

This is a really cool game! Learning and playing. Maybe I constrance my kid to play this game.
Other things. I found a bug:
I can only get 56 paintings. I tried a few things and i found out that I can only get the last two pics when I have all other 56 paintings before. I can see the dragon and the anatomy, but there is still 56/58.
I got all archievments with the exception of the first one with the egg. I donĀ“t get it.
5/5 and 10/10

My fave game section is

The gallery! I hadnt noticed how the apostles are huddled each in a group of three.
I like the info in the paintings and the fact you took the time to share this with us.
I find it odd that the scoreboard has players with 307 points or more :/Great game. Its my fourth day playing it and now I decided to review it. I like the fact that you have riddle type hints as to what you want us to click on which makes you think quick.



I cant found melancolia.Somebody help mee =(

yeah im with defconM

the achievement didnt pop up! Lolzrz!!!!!!!! i understand you said you were workin on it but i was like dude...... what the fuck........................ OHHHH yeah bug.....

Brilliant game

There was a problem with one of the medals I got every single painting and I didn't get the medal is that a glitch or something?