Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


This game was spectacular! Educational, relaxing, and overall a real work of art. It provokes thought and the music inspires creativity. Best of all, it proves that you don't need a sponsor (outside of Newgrounds) to make an excellent, high quality game.

Really great!

First, I'll give some hints, later in my review i'll tell the real solutions.

1) Where in this painting does it show the painter's signing?
2) The person to the right is Mars. What is he wearing?
3) It's not a person, but it does live.
4) Don't look at the creatures on the front of the picture.
5) It's a person on the table, combine that with the hint given in the game.
6) Only one person in this picture is crying. What do his tears wet?
7) He is holding a symbol, and there is only one he in the picture. And he is very young.
8) Where is the Mona Lisa famous for?
9) What makes pearls?
10) A scholar reads, a soldier fights, and lovers give each other flowers.
11) The music instrument you're looking for isn't held by any of the persons.
12) What symbolises the flow of time?
13) They want to hide from anyone else, so look for a couple that is hiding.
14) This one is too easy, so no additional hints.
15) With ''the ship'', they mean the big ship to the right.
16) Where in the picture are clouds? Look there.
17) If they don't keep it with them, it will fly away.
18) With ''he'', they mean the dog. What symbolises a dog belonging to someone?
19) The audience can be found to the left of the fight.
20) It's a musical instrument.
21) You're searching for a reflection.
22) The things you are looking for look more like statues than people.
23) Look for the guy that shows it's butt.
24) Adam and Eve are below the middle of the picture.
25) Both things are very, very close to the old man.
26) The man you're looking for is in the back row. This one is really confusing, so no shame if you look at the solution.
27) I'll say the colours the characters you're looking for are wearing:
1. Jesus Christ - Red and blue
2. Suleiman the Magnificent - Yellow/goldish
3. A man pouring wine - Yellow
4. A butcher with a knife - Green
28) Which animal looks like a fan?
29) He's standing with his back towards you.
30) It says ferry, and for a ferry, you need water.

Now for the real answers:

1) Click the autograph in the back of the picture, right under the chandelier.
2) The white sheet that covers Mars.
3) The small, white dog on the bed.
4) The middle of the swirl of clouds on the right side.
5) Jesus.
6) The hanky of the guy in the upper-left corner.
7) The fruit in the hand of the baby.
8) Click her eyes.
9) The shell.
10) The book and the sword in the hands of the person to the left, and the flower in the hand of the person to the right.
11) The dog at the bottom for the optional solution, and the flute hanging in the tree for the real solution.
12) The hourglass
13) The two persons in the bush in the bottom-right corner.
14) The arrow near the almost naked man's feet.
15) The legs sticking out of the water. They are located just under the large ship.
16) The man in the cloud in the upper-right corner.
17) The bird in the hands of the kids.
18) The dog's collar.
19) The gap in the rocks on the left side of the picture. There's light coming out of it.
20) Lute.
21) The person in the door opening for the optional, and the reflection of the mirror at the bottom for the real solution.
22) The things you are looking for are six golden-brown statues. They are around the central painting.
23) The man showing his butt at the bottom of the painting.
24) Click the bottom-center panel.
25) The can the old man is looking in.
26) Click the head that is directly between the head to the right of jesus' head, and the helmet above it.
27) 1. Wears red and blue, he is in the middle of the painting.
2. Wears yellow/goldish, he is on the left side of the painting, sitting at the table.
3. Wears yellow, is on the right of the painting.
4. Wears green, he stands above Jesus.
28) Peacock.
29) The man dressed in yellow, at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
30) The ferryman at the bottom-center.

Here are some tips for the hard medals:
Punteggio Perfetto - You can only get this on greenhorn mode
Art historian - To get all paintings, get a perfect game. You must also find the optional solutions in 11 and 21
Egg one - The walking egg in 16

For the secrets, PM me.

Very interesting

I like this a lot.

Good game and creative

I enjoyed the game but, I can't find the butcher in 27 either.


The music and riddles were great.

I liked learning a little about each of the pictures.