Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


That was GREAT! Just one thing that's bothering me : once you've beaten the game once, it's quite easy to get all the medals...though it ain't such a bad thing!

Hint for the first medal : try to find an egg with legs...


I really like the fact that you took the time to explain the art in the gallery section. I found myself using the links provided at the end, also. The artwork on the Sistine Chapel is one of my favorite pieces of art history. There is just so much beauty and so many secret symbols.
Only problem I had was the Art Historian medal. I have all of the check marks and I found the optional images, the medal just won't work. I may be doing something wrong, but look into it, please.

just learning

this shows a great and interesting way to use famous paintings in a fun and challenging game. Great job :)


mona lisa is in some deep shit.

such a Beautiful game

very creative, simple and with beautiful images. 10/10