Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

idk if its just me...

but the medals aren't working.
also it quite fun.

mrty responds:

Were you logged in?

I spend much time playing this game.

And it was well worth it. I was entertained of course, but more importantly I felt educated and I learned to appreciate art more. Your game helped me understand what one can learn from paintings, and I thank you for that.

Creative, difficult yet very fun!

I had a great time the riddles were witty and not to simple. Made me work for my rank of gentleman! Great game I hope you make a series out of it.

Wonderfully done

That was original and at the same time will help oopen others eyes to appreciate the art and really look at it with deeper thought.

lol this is fun

woot am the empire!!
this is very fun and makes me think
and i saw many wonderful art