Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


who else was freaked out when they got the medal"this is art not porn"?

mrty responds:

It's even more awesome if you just happen to click on them and suddenly get the medal, without getting help from anyone.

YES!!! All medals...

Well... I liked it really much!!!!! I loved the music, the riddles' difficulty were just about apropriate and I learned a lot too!!! I would like a mute function but it's not really necessary (don't know how to spell that) and to those who ask for a zoom function I tell you that it would totally loose the only difficulty that lots of riddles have...

10/10 and 5/5... CONGRATULATIONS!!! on an awesome game!!!

Very Good.

i greatly enjoyed this game. the only issue i had was ididnt get the art historian medal even though i unlocked all the paintings in the gallery so maybe you should look into that.

mrty responds:

I will. A lot of people are having trouble with that medal.


the game is awesome. the only problem is that I enjoyed it on another computer. on this one it just won't load...

naughty little boy? lol :)
on a serious note- woah, well done. i love the calming tones that is used
marvolous work
-supersilver300 C: