Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

Wow, this is a really good game.

Right now, I'm taking an Art History class and this game is really helping me with the subject; I'm sure I'll be ahead of the curve!

Do you think you'll do more riddles but with different eras such as Classical and Romantic?

mrty responds:

I'm thinking of sequels, yes. I think the next one will be Baroque. But I won't get to work on a sequel anytime soon...

Thanks for the review.


Is it weird that I was actually scared while playing this game?

mrty responds:

Yes, it's weird.

hail satan!

im a pope!


i'm the pope? but i don't beleave in god! oh graet game loved it it was a bet hard but riddles need to be hard to be fun loved the music loved the ranking system vary good job well done if i could i would give a 100/10

mrty responds:

Pope was the highest social class back in the Renaissance, even more so than the emperor. There's nothing I can do about that fact.

Amazing, so fucking AMAZING

that really got me an eye for details, but i still couldn't get the enigma show medal...