Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"


passed the whole game

YES!!! All medals...

Well... I liked it really much!!!!! I loved the music, the riddles' difficulty were just about apropriate and I learned a lot too!!! I would like a mute function but it's not really necessary (don't know how to spell that) and to those who ask for a zoom function I tell you that it would totally loose the only difficulty that lots of riddles have...

10/10 and 5/5... CONGRATULATIONS!!! on an awesome game!!!

Very Good.

i greatly enjoyed this game. the only issue i had was ididnt get the art historian medal even though i unlocked all the paintings in the gallery so maybe you should look into that.

mrty responds:

I will. A lot of people are having trouble with that medal.


Really good riddle point n' click game, and the unlockable Gallery was pretty neat, too.

By the way, is that the Angry Video Game Nerd on the "ADDICTED" medal?

mrty responds:

Yes, that's AVGN himself.

head hurts a bit...

Never though a game on Newgrounds could appeal to both my inner history buff and gamer at the same time a sequel would be more then welcome though we all understand the time it took just for this

mrty responds:

To tell you the truth, I'm surprised about all these people asking for a sequel. To make things clear, I *am* thinking of a sequel, I'm just indecisive about whether it should be another Renaissance game, or a different period such as Baroque.

Although I lean towards another Renaissance game, since that period is no doubt the most popular and well-known, I don't see how I can find paintings that already haven't been used in this game (ones suitable for riddles, anyway). I used a lot of sources and tried making riddles with about %90 of the paintings there. It won't be easy finding more sources.

However, even if I do decide on a sequel, the period between deciding and making is really long for me... This game took exactly a year and I doubt a sequel will be made more quickly.