Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

played it on kongregate

the difference between there and here, is that u didnt spam this site with games o3o

Approached the game all wrong.

It took me a good 30 minutes to realize the object of the game wasn't to kill the adventurers.

Probably should've read the instructions and description, but ultimately liked it better my way.

I'm proud to say that as I'm writing this, I have three adventurers at level 0 and no one above level three even though I've unlocked the fifteenth floor. Suck it adventurers!

It was good... Until it started bulls***ing me.

Dude, it looked great. I played for ages. But when i got to dungeon level 9 or something, a few of my characters didnt go through to the next level. I made sure they passed through gold, they were the right level, everything. nope, just poof, back to level 0. Also, when you add a new character, could they not be level 0? All it means is they tag along behind and do nothing.

Potential, but poorly executed. 6/10


Its a good concept, just keep working on it to improve content :)

it was a nice time waster

a good game overall and a nice time waster, but some things could be improved:
1. Change of music is a minor thing, but it would make it more interesting to change the music every now and then.
2. It gets very repetitive quickly, it would be good to make some items with different kinds of benefits instead of just +10 damage or +5 max hp. Or different types of tiles you can place instead of just having 1 tile.
3. A shop where you can sell items would be very easy to program, but I find it annoying to swap items every time I go into the dungeon so I can make money, I'd rather just have 1 "sell all" button or something like that.
4. The characters you play are glitched basically all the time, I don't know why half of the group can get through an area and then the other half has to go in circles for another 20 seconds, it messes up the group dynamic and causes more money to be lost because they take more time.
Overall it's a fun game, but it lacks features, it lacks story, it lacks interesting gameplay, it lacks these things that will make me want to keep playing.