Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Whats this I dont

Oh wait. Yah there we go

SO I think it should be a lil more apparent that your supposed to get adventurers down into the dungeon to slay the dragon, cus I couldn't help but feel at a lost. I kept getting worried as the adventurers continued to lvl up but after a while i learned that's what i'm supposed to do, or was it to earn gold? overly confused

THEN i get to the end of the game and win :D extremely awesome ending theme you have there. Fun Game mechanics, makes me want to look into all those dungeon builder games i saw on psp.

and on a side note, as a WoW addict, I couldn't help but relate to my lil guys as they ran around in circles all over the place trying to find the exit >///> stupid place with everything looking the same...


I got gold in 20 minutes its was so easy!

One thing was that all of the shop items looked almost the same and it took me a lot
longer to kill the dragon because my people didn't have the right weapons

the best of the best

it was so well done im putting it in for collections just change the music to be more dungen sounding


Very original game, i loved it, it's pretty addicting and has an apropriate difficulty, it also has a good playtime and makes you replay it over and over again (i just fiished it and i'm going to play it again and again.). Good Work! You deserve a full 10'o 10!!

10'o 10!


It was worth it just for the song