Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

It was "Eh"

I kinda liked it, but the gold placing was a hassle because all my guys did was circle around 1 gold bag and kept taking it over and over again never try to advance to the next floor, and near the end they were cowards who just kept circling the dragon rather fight, but other than that it was pretty enjoyable not enough to make me go through it again.

maaaaaaan bugs messed up the fun

dude, at some points they just decide to start from other levels not taking the entire dungeon, seriously i even sold out everything i had from level 1 to 5 because this guys started out on level 6, so i coudnt make more money and the newbie adventures died as soon as i pressed go. it was an interesting concept but it got spoiled because of the bugs :(

Fix the adventurers.

The adventurer A.I. is so retarded. I put gold bags telling them where to go, and they wander about. I set gold bags telling them to take the long route, and they immediately go straight for the door, splitting up the party and taking them back to floor zero.

Fun, but too easy

i really thought that this game was entertaining and addicting, but way too easy. i got the gold rating with 3 days left, (first time ever) and i got pretty much the best stuff of the best stuff on everyone. what i would like to see (instead of easy, normal or difficult) is more levels, a little bit smarter AI, way more bosses, more items, and lesser hp on the adventurers. i didn't loose one single one of them through my whole quest, which was... in fact, quite dissapointing. i was looking for a good, challenging game, and what i got was a pretty good but very, very easy one. but another one with more trying is what i would like to see.


i couldnt get the hang of the game