Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Repetitive but fun!

This thing is really good (albeit repetitive) and fun on it's own, I hope the developer decides to make another game like this but with more depth!


I didn't find it really amusing and everything seemed very random. I really liked the idea of being a "dungeon master" but it seemed more to be like the dungeon manager: the floor itself gives you a few spaces that, idealy, will all be explored. I never had a problem with the characters dying and they are so dull that I didn't knew how to guide the with the coin bags... Good idea, poorly executed...

I am just honest

The game was good and all but it gets boring fast.Its like some kind of puzzle or strategic game.And all of my adventurers cant seem to finish level 2 and the stupid wizard keeps going around in circles which is annoying.Now i can see why this game got daily 5th place....Because its not addictive and amusing to me. Well thats the truth about how I think about it..This will probrally get a useless review anyway. And to all the honest guys out there. Express your opinion by writing the TRUTH in the reviews..some might write "Good game" but in their minds they are thinking "Blam this piece of shit! I rather masturbate than play this". Yeah. that happens alot. Ok thats all for now ~Mazuto

The ending song

The ending song was kind of funny, and the game was decent. BUT:
Upgrade the AI of the adventurers. They were dumb as hell, at some points I had to place like 5-6 golds in a row to get them to stop doing retarded things.
There needs to be more things you can place. I felt like I was guiding the adventurers rather than building a dungeon.
Dungeon crawl mode is terrible, I'm sorry to say. All you do is move, and then if needed move back and forth between empty tiles to heal. The dungeon crawl mode needs more depth than that to be worth playing.

the first impression

the first impression is nice,but game gets annoying after a few mins :/ sorry