Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


i liked to build a dungeon and see the adventurers go through it
but once i had a bug where the adventurers walked through the walls and out of sight o.o no other chance than stopping the run and try again.

the part where you go through your own dungeon seems to be a little buggy too:
when taking items i only had 2 slots available for them and after deleting one (reason: no chance to select if i want to keep the items i have or wich one will be deleted when walking over a chest) i only had one slot left o.o

but great idea so far^^ 7/10

good....but not addictive

the A.I. IS supposed to be stupid.....
he said that a million time in the game
other than that its a little boring

Too difficult

A lot of time wasted trying to build the dungeons, but I like that the gameplay was fairly deep.


am I suppose to kill them or help them?


idea is awesome ,but like already said linear & needs more options n stuff >:D