Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


This game is absolutely splendid! While the idea isn't entirely original, it is surely under-represented.

Almost all aspects of the game are very well polished. The music is very reminiscent of good ol' dungeon crawlers and the graphics are very cute. I like the multiple classes that appear and their abilities and the shop items that earn you money.

I think the element of strategy is very well balanced here. There might be a little more luck involved when it comes to chests. Damage items can be hard to come by sometimes and they certainly hurt how fast you progress. But it also adds to the difficulty. My first playthrough I ended up getting more money items than damage and I made my way to the lower levels too quick only to have my top level heroes die in battle. Second time around I got a little smarter and allowed my heroes to 'grind' a little before progressing even when I had the money.

The strategy is certainly there. It's nice and I like the way the levels progress.

Some small issues that I found a little annoying was the pathfinding. Sometimes the heroes would turn back even though the path was straight. They'd encounter an enemy and turn back again. The other thing is the crowded space that sometimes happens because of the random tile spawning each time you play. Some levels had the stuff all clogged together in a 4x6 area and I couldn't push my heroes along with gold either because they couldn't be placed. It was either avoid it and miss out on a lot of items and money or risk the traps and so on.

Also slightly annoying was the shop management. It was very tedious looking at each item individually among the heroes. I think there should be a 'shop' screen that displays all the heroes and their items so that I don't have to click each one individually. That way I can manage the items better. And also getting rid of older items would be a lot easier.

The dungeon crawl mode was a fine addition. I found out that my dungeon was actually way too easy and by the time I got to the dragon, my hero was very much underleveled. A fine feature to add.

This game has immense replay value which I love. A really enjoyable one.

I'm still smiling from the song.

The entire time I was playing, I was cursing the AI, and was apologizing to Valve for ripping on the L4D AI. One of the "hints" said that adventurers will take straight paths. My ass. If only I could have seen the alcohol they must have consumed to become so hopelessly lost in a 2x2 "room". Even when using a ridiculous amount of money bags, they messed up whenever they could (I lost over 120g to a single derelict rogue on one floor). Don't get me wrong, I loved the game, art style, and overall feel. The song at the end really lets me see the gem of a game sparkle under that fine veneer of drool my inept adventurers had slathered it with. So, the downright stupid AI is the only thing that hurts the score, but makes up for it with TONS of charm.


Game~ :D

ok let me go over this

where as it was a decent game there are points which you could brush up on i am no expert to say the least but i have played a lot of games in my years of playing anything i can get my hands on not bad but you need to work a bit harder it coulda been better and a great game maker can find where it could stand improvement i look forward to playing another of your games soon

It is a pretty good game, when it comes to designing the dungeon, but once done, and you try dungeon crawling, it ends up frustration (reason being you can't decide what to keep and what to throw away, it's random).

I would recommend, if you're going to make another one like this, that you add a bag space for dungeon crawl, that way you can select what you want equipped and what you're going to sell.