Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Please give me equal buy and sell rates

It is pointless to let me spend 2 gold on a new dungeon tile, only to buy it back for one. I keep accidently double clicking, and wasting far more money than I should.

Could Have Been Better

When you get a new guy make him level 7 or nine not 0! the pain lessans when you upgrade but you could fix it. also why so many anti-undead items? you rarely use them because the are basiclly useless.
but the Endong song? makes up for most of the flaws from it's EPICNESS

I think...

This game isn't very entertaining compared to Vertical Drop Heroes or Zombies Took my Daughter. I like the original approach, but it just lacks something that would make me go wild about it. It's like playing Sim City without disasters or something.

Ok Game

I couldn't get all the adventures on the same level or to even start.

Fun but could be worked on.

I gave it a seven because it was VERY addicting to me but I think a few things could be improved. One would be letting you choose the classes that are going into the dungeon. Another being letting more creativity. And lastly PLEASE make the people smarter. There were several occasions where i watched this dude go back and forth for minutes. Other then a few things it was a creative game. Looking forward to a equal that's better:]