Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


irritating music and lack of control... not brilliant.

Not my type of game

Sry, but that's not my type of game. Your other games are awesome as hell and the graphics rock hard, but the gameplay of this game is just strange, totally messy and quite confusing.

Didnt liked

Im sry the idea is good but why cant i put enemies wherever i want.WTF is the AI so retarted .Sry but try making the Ai smarter

a little bit boring...

the idea is good and the animations are funny but the gameplay is just
i just played this game three minutes...


If you're like me, I don't take the time to read directions for most games. Most games are made simply, with corresponding keys doing things, or drag and drop or whatever. The only problem is that you have to read the directions if you want to understand how to play. The farthest i went was i looked at the 1st floor, hit space, went in and out of the dungeon. And i did it 7 times, each one trying to figure out how you could actually play this. And while my anger builded up by the lack of knowledge to play this game (Or lack of interest), I was bombarded by terrible, repeptive music. I don't know how you managed to get the front page with this, but I'll just let you know that the people who don't want to read what the poorly drawn king rambles on about will have absolutely no idea how to play this game.