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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Downgrade. But still Okay.

Another Shift. It's downgrade, i must say. No atmosphere of previous SHIFTs, no jokes, no interesting stories(Story's shit, i'm sorry.). Yes, it does feature minigames and boxes, which were good additions to this game. Graphics...They are not usual, you know, they were changed a little. The Graphics became better, but it is not the same ol' SHIFT that we all like. It wasn't so challenging also. Previous SHIFTs were much harder, IMHO. But overall, it is a very good game and timekiller. 8/10, 4/5.


The game is nice but not as good as expected

Complete loss of style

Another Shift game... from the series known for unique gameplay and style...

%u2219 Yet this one is a disappointment.
%u2219 Oh what's that - GREEN in a monochrome game, where even publisher's logo was modified?
%u2219 Levels are cluttered and pixelated. Looks like they were drawn for a twice smaller resolution. And the interface frame... WHYYYYY????

The previous Shift games already had a unique refined style, perfected in Shift 4. This one... doesn't feel like done by the same developers...

How to make players happy? At least remove the shading effects from the game. Remove the green "EXIT" which's out of place. Remove the badly drawn frame around the game. Remove the mess on the walls. Make the game look as simple awesome as it was!

Please... I was close to crying when I saw those sucky "Bevel" and "Inner shadow" effects. They give it the look of a nine-years-old kid's first digital drawing.

Glitchy,but still fun

Ya I encountered a couple of glitches playing but I love the shift series and this was still pretty good for it


Nowhere near as good as the originals. The boxes were an interesting addition but most of the puzzles felt like bland rehashes of the first games. This and various other annoyances like glitches, crap music & sound and the walking through a door animation taking way too long prevented this spin-off from reaching it's full potential.