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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Not so good looking

The gameplay is... well, like any shift game, the shift games are a good concept. But I really don't like the graphics of this one. The pixelized antialiazing effect does not look good at all. It looks like a JPEG image encoded with really really bad quality, except it's a combination of pixelized jaggies and a failed attempt at smoothing it out. I think this game needs a few tweaks and then it'd be really enjoyable :)


This is way too glitchy!Box glitches,lag,and many others!Original ones had no glitches as far as i know!Can you please at least fix a few glitches!


I even was doubtful if the same guy who made earlier shift games made this.

There is aliased graphics at many places. wth?
Also turn on cacheAsBitmap for filtered particles atleast dude!

sigh.. sorry

you came up with a really semi-orginal idea... but come on man you have taken it to far... its an alright game, nothing really new or exciting.. and jezz got some bugs mate

Well, you ruined the shift series for me :/

I really did love the games and puzzles for shift. It was one of the early flash games i played as a kid.

But now, really, Tony? I thought you knew better. Filters = lag