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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

The lag killed it

I loved the other Shift games, and this one looks like it would be also very enjoyable, but with the lag it's just frustrating. Also, I ran into a glitch a few times - I would pass straight through keys without getting them.

Interesting and fun but laggy.

I like this game quite alot. It's unique and I like the visual style. Unfortunately it lags every time the room shifts whether it's from a switch or inverting. Other then that though it's a solid game.

Way too laggy.

I could barely play it.


it would be 5/10 if it weren't so laggy. After few rooms it's impossible to play.

It's a good idea, but...

The other Shifts were better. It was something about this added complexity, and the new graphical simplicity, that made this game something less than its predecessors. Also, the box moving has serious glitches.