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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

The fact that all the medals, including the one for beating the rock solid levels, are worth 5 points seems like a joke. Especially considering that the game becomes SO laggy after a while, having to refresh it because it becomes unplayable. I also struggled to beat the minigames because of the lag.
Anyways, I love the Shift series so I'll go with a 3.5, that's the best I can give after all.

Good job! Nice game!

This was a different approach to the series we all know and love that I really enjoyed and liked though the only reason I find this to be worth the score I'm giving is because of the various glitches, bugs and lag littered throughout the levels, it can be very frustrating to try 'shifting' and doing certain moves if the inputs don't respond or responds too much and causes movement when there shouldn't be any, especially during moments like the final boss where it is crucial to keep moving, to keep it short, (and spoiler-less of course, if anyone out there cares or minds). This defiantly has room for improvement and if you ever decide to come back and make another one, I hope it bring back more of a classic feel to the series than just differing from the art style and humor that the originals were so good for.

Otherwise I really liked it and hope you can continue to make more new series like this one (IndestructoTank remake any1??)

Best luck to you!

This is a real masterpiece from '11. Shame that medals are worth only 5 pts each. They should be worth much more. Rock Solid levels are really challenging.

As for the minigames, not as hard as they might look: Much of the slide puzzles were prearranged in a way that made solution in a dozen moves.

The rest is also beautiful. Congratulations.

not bad at all. i always wondered why there were no badges for this baby over on Kongregate. the goods are here this time!

anyway, this was pretty fun despite a few faults: length, including minigames; obtuse dragging control (pushing to pull an object, wtf!?); and overall sludginess of animation/directional control, though at the same time pleasantly fluid. difficulty is spot on, fortunately: never too hard but all the same never so easy as to let you off without some measure of merit. thanks, this is great even today!

(i lol'd at the "press P to skip difficult stages" bit. anyone who thinks this is trying needs to go play Money Sieze. now there's a game that makes you wanna tear your hair out.)