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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

It was ok

It was ok though, the spirit still retains but with all that glitches around, it's just not cool. A thorough test is required and compulsory, I prefer to play a near bugless game, not some rushed game trying to acquire the Front Page fame.

Speaking of being available for iPhone, can you make it for Android too? iPhone is just too expensive and the phone itself has too many problems. Android ones are much better!

holy fuck really???

lags a fuckload and gliches every few secs. fix the bugs then the game will be a whole lot better!

Impossible to beat?

A great addition to the Shift games. However, as mentioned many times, it is very buggy. Randomly freezing on certain effects for almost half a minute, boxes blinking, passable walls when a box is just on the other side of it, able to move certain blocks while jumping, and the biggest glitch of all, on the "OM NOM NOM" room, upon hitting the exit, it quits to the chapter select menu.

I can't even beat the game. =\

I also can't seem to be able to play any of the mini games. Might be cause be the previous glitch.

Game is great, but still needs work. These are obvious problems and should not have made it into the final product. Put a little more effort into testing, please.

A repeat of the first game... with downsides

Various glitches, especially the one that really frustrates me to where I just can't keep playing. Every time I pull a box, I get eaten by it, and forced to restart the level, even with the slightest tug it's hard to avoid being eaten. Then there's lag spikes throughout.

Are you serious

The gameplay is still as fun as it was in previous ones but the game is just too long and it gets boring at least at the halfway of the game.
Also the glitches are a huge problem that you should fix as soon as possible.
There also should be a way to play as classic SHIFT characters because I think the new art style dosen't so justice to originals.