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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

I always liked shift games...

But this one is driving me crazy...Too MUCH LAG!!!
I think the art is nice and the levels are ok.

The levesl get difficult,but not because you must be clever to pass them,but because the lag evolves as well.
Seriously,when i arrived at level 3 of chapter 2,I was having trouble even when i was going to die.My character touched a spike and i had to wait for him to die...
Lag to Die!?!?!?
Not only lag to die,but lag to touch the buttons(like keys) and lag everytime I jump,also lag when i'm pulling/pushing a box and etc...

I don't mind the new style of the game,but its almost impossible to play...


Well when i was at chapter 2 it was realy boring.Well The game is good but i was bored at this game D:! So ill give 6/10 stars

Yay more Shif- no wait, what's that?

It's fun, but everything that made shift awesome seems to be taken out of this one sadly. The new design, as nice as it may be, doesn't suit it as well as the past version, which was just simple colours and resembled traffic signs and what not, and the wait between loading levels is beyond unecessary, you find your self sitting there for 2 or 3 seconds as it shows an animation of this bigheaded character crouching(?) and going though the door, which wasnt needed at all, i mean we can see him going through the door just by looking at it on the level, why do you need to make it a movie sequence every time? Also the new addition of having to hold down R to restart seemed like a smart idea at first, but it soon becomes very irritating when you want to try again faster.

But still, don't get me wrong i was happy to see a new shift game and new levels, but these new changes didn't make me as happy.


So get ready for the most challenging, longest version of a SHIFT game yet - Now completley unlocked and free for everyone!


i like this new look

people should stop comparing new ones to old ones in such a closed minded way