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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"


This game is solid in every way, but it suffers from one humongous problem, and it's so bad that I had to go and take 5 stars off from my rating for it. The amount of lag in this game adds an obscene amount of fake difficulty to otherwise simple platforming gameplay. The level with the tiny platforms that helpfully reminds you of the Skip function is nearly impossible to get through with the massive lag completely throwing off my timing (I say nearly impossible because I did eventually beat it after like a gazillion tries). And the minigames are almost completely unplayable, because the spacebar seems to stop functioning every so often and waste precious seconds.

I'm sorry to have to give you such a low score, but frankly, I don't think this deserves front page in its current state. It shouldn't have been submitted at all before you worked out this one major issue. The amount of effort you poured into this game (and it looks like a lot, which makes me even more regretful of giving you 3 stars) means absolutely nothing if it borders this close on unplayable.

Perhaps it would have been better if the effort spent on coding unplayable mini-games had gone into bug-squashing.

Buggiest. Shift. Ever.

I have to say, I am <strong>sorely</strong> disappointed in the newest Shift game, for a number of reasons. I had to refresh 3 times while playing through the campaign because the game lagged so hard that levels became impossible, and the game skipped the cutscene for chapter 3 and the first level of chapter 4, and jumped me straight to level 2 of chapter 4 which was unbeatable because I hadn't beaten level 1 of chapter 4 yet. When I finally got to the timed escape, I only had two levels until it jumped me to the end. The second one says "4 more rooms" and after I finished it I was done.

Having finished the Classic levels (and you must beat both classic level packs for the medal, not just the first one), level 11 of the first Classic one is highlighted in red for some reason. The pipe game doesn't hand out medals, and the slider one is broken. And after all of that, the medals (which are almost all non-trivial) are all worth only 5 points. I just voted it a 0.

The third level pack looks really challenging, and "winning" the boss battle means lasting 240 seconds, so there's that to come back for, but barring some SERIOUS bugfixes that's all I'm doing. There was so little new content in this game that if it weren't for the medals I wouldn't have played it at all. I hope this is the last Shift game, because you're clearly out of ideas.

Great game

It's as good as the first ones, with a few extra ideas thrown in. I prefer the monochrome of the original ones, rather than with the shading, but that's just my own opinion.

My only problem with it was that in the slider puzzles, the pieces were occasionally unresponsive, and if I clicked a different one whilst I was waiting for it to respond, the tile would go where it shouldn't (i.e. behind another tile, or out of the game altogether) making it impossible to complete.

Otherwise, great game.


It's nice to see the fresh new graphics. It's also nice to see you guys actually trying on the Shift games again after 3 and 4. Keep this up and yhe series could return to its former glory!

Great game!

The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is challenging without being frustrating.If I had an iPhone, I would definitely get this as an app!

Also, Mance200, all your problems have a common solution: READING THE INSTRUCTIONS. Unless you are illiterate, those petty issues you had really shouldn't be a problem.