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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"


Compared to the other Shifts, this one is the worst. Doesn't have that classic shift feel. Let alone all the glitches. As mentioned, I would pass through keys several times before they activated, I had to walk back and forth through the exits for them to work sometimes, and the worst part was around chapter 3. A few rounds into it I was taken back to the main menu where I could only play a round at a time from the level select since It would always take me back to the main menu. You get -8 for all of that. A 2 for creativity.


I love SHIFT games, but this one was not only laggy, but looked much shittier than the other ones. I liked the whole monochromatic silhouette look. The round people are just stupid looking and annoying.


Found A glitch on level white hole: pull box towardes yoself and wait fo lag

Et voila, you are next to the door!


and if u right click on the game go to quality and choose low.


i let myself disapear into the black box while pulling it!! ? and omg LAG try adding quality button