Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"

Glitch right in the face

Pretty fun I like the art but possibly the hardest platformer I have ever played. Also some how the shotgun guy shoots me with a nonlethal bullet that knocks me back when he is not ever looking at me and then he just turns around and tears me a new asshole in the face. fix that bugs then Ill give it a 10. overall a good game 8/10

Good and fun but buggy.

I enjoyed it and generally found the challenge fair, but sometimes when i died i didnt respawn at all and it made me wind up having to restart the game.


pretty godd but its hard


just not for me if you like playing games all day long this is definatley for u

Very good

On the whole a good game. I'll defiantly play again when the medals are on.
Maybe different enemy units and more missions could get a 10/10 from me.