Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"

Boss is pretty easy.

That is, when you have 45 lives. :]

grrreat game!! :)

Loved this game so therefore a 10/10 and i loved getting alot of lives cause it was awesome!! keep it up hope u make more!

lolz, im smarter than everyone else

When you pick up the bomb, take it with you. the terminal at the end is supposed to be asploded. i got through it first time. i rate this 10/10 because i got a better experince from this than everyone else. XD

For your effort

Terrible gameplay, at the end it was unclear what to do with the explosives and when I wanted to check the menu for the keys I had to restart from the beginning... Furthermore I think you overrated the hardness of the game, I was massively stockpiling lives and therefore didn't care how many times I died in the boss battle, knowing I'd kill the guy eventually.

positive: graphic style, although some details would've improved the overall quality.

OK wtf.

I am giving you a 7/10 because I beat the boss and when to that one room with the explosives and had no idea what to do. Please put a notice or something up telling a person what they saposta do with the explosive! Other then that it was a good game except the shotgun people the laser timming could be more paused. Fix the small issues and BUGS and it is a great game.