Reviews for "Bobby's adventure"


this is a great adventure game! keep up da good work!


This game was amazing!!!! I loved it. but there was this one glitch that ruined it for me... after I beat that huge giant boss guy(first boss) I picked up the explosive but then this one bad guy should have killed me but I didn't die. My screen was all bloody but I wasn't dead... but that was ok. but then I died while this glitch was going on and I wouldn't respawn so I couldn't keep playing. I had to quite the game because of this. It was a small glitch and I bet no one else will ever experience it. other then that it was really good. keep up the good work.

slippery controls to say the least

Looks like it might be an interseting platformer, but it's easier to slide off the edge of a cliff than it is to jump. It always bugs me in games when controls don't have immediate response. I won't get all sarcastic and give it another shot, but wow this is irritating to get used to playing. Hopefully the "twist" will be interesting.

just beat it

it reminded me of i wanna be the guy but a little bit more easy really fun even if i did beat it in 15 minutes

It's okay

Overall, the platforming aspect of the game is well done, but the controls are a little slippery. Other than that, it's great!