Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

Nice twist

he tower defense genre seems to almost have lost it's luster, but then games like this come along to prove me wrong.
This game is great.
It looks great and the story adds a nice twist to an otherwise boring genre.
This is a great game with some really unique features.

awesome game

Some of the levels were really a pain but still very well done. Not making a sequel is unquestionably insane. I did like that it's a tower defense with a story line to it. If you decide to make a sequel maybe each level have 2 towers or upgrades the player gets to choose between. Anyway enough future speculation this game is one of the greatest possibly made on NG. PLEASE MAKE MORE!

Like a hacker

Sometimes I found myself just spamming out on cheap turrets to get past a level but what I thought was good was the story, few games like this have one and you really convey a sense of isolation as it goes on...

Lost a star simply because I found the one that blocks you placement spaces very annoying (they were the ones I had to spam)

Very Good

It's one of the best puzzel game I ever played, I like the cyber style for the graphic, the add on that you could put on the tower were original and the last 3 stage I didnt expect that. Realy nice job.

Totally awesome!

This is one of the best tower games I've played! I love the cyberpunk themes and graphics and the upgrade system is superb! Overall a great game. Keep up the good work!

PS. The music is sweet too!