Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

This game was really fun

I hope you are reading this because I liked it so much I want a sequel. I was hooked and played every level, and worked to get a perfect score in each one. I really liked the graphics, it had kind of a futuristic neon/rave feel. The music was cold and creepy which I enjoyed alot. This game has a lot of potential as a series, there are so many things you could invent with it like mabey a summoner that summons your own viruses (anti-bodies?) to fight the bad guys.

Highly Addictive

This game was defintely one of the better ones I've seen on this site for a long time. Graphics, music, gameplay, and everything else get two thumbs way up.

Great job. Hope there's a sequel.



ONE OF THE BEST TD GAMES EVER! its so addictive make a sequel :D


I have never seen a defense game like this, and I'm a tower defense junkie. The game is all around great, great upgrades for the towers. great potential for strategy, great mobs just... Great. If you love Tower Defense games you will go nuts for this game.


I like everything but I agree of it needing more bosses.

Also I like the touch of the last level where you unlock Monster Mode. Though it was hard.

So I'll give you a 5,10