Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

1337 hax

Always enjoyed these types of games, but now in h4x version. Excellent! Awesome storyline too.

Nothing new, but oh so very enjoyable.

Ghost Hacker brings nothing entirely new to the Tower Defense genre, but offers an excellent game nonetheless. WARNING: Looking at the walkthrough WILL sap all fun from playing the game. Do NOT use it unless you're at your wits end.

Story/Script: 8/10
A cybernetic tale of deceit, division and cake. The story has potential and left me waiting for a sequel to see how things turned out. The twist was almost predictable, but satisfying.
Generally a well written script with some chuckles to be found in stage descriptions.

Gameplay: 8/10
Nothing new, but all good. Every tower is unique and the upgrade system allows for some very powerful combinations. Resource management is easy and interesting with the use of scripts for some quick potent effects.
The limited slots of programs you can bring in to each level does bring a certain element of strategy, but will gradually cause you to disregard some of the more unique towers in the game.
Enemies are varied and each type brings a fresh challenge, this keeps the game interesting all the way to the last level.

Graphics/Design: 9/10
The game looks the part. The game graphics and interface will make you feel like you're in an updated version of Hackers (terrible movie btw), but that isnt necessarily a bad thing!
Slick design makes menu navigation easy and the game is easy on the eyes. Just the way i like my Tower Defense games.

Audio/Music: 9/10
Fitting audio with muted clicks and bleeps. No complaints here.
The sounds of the towers firing and stuff dying are impeccable. A very important aspect of Tower Defense games.

Great twist on the common tower defense

The medal for getting all the data cores might require you to quit/reload the game, or to defeat the core-stealing bonus levels

An amazing strategy tower game

This game rocked! I normally don't like tower games, usually due to the excessive number of towers and difficulty in following their upgrades. You system simplified that greatly with the color-coded upgrades, meaning I don't have to hover over a tower to see what level it is. Really, each level almost becomes a puzzle, which is supported by the fact that you have a solutions guide with pictures and order of towers and upgrades. I had a blast with it. A couple of notes:
1) I have defeated everything and gotten all of the cubes, but I have not received the medals for it. I only got the first two medals.
2) I love the Ping Tower, but it is almost too powerful. I was able to coast through levels that gave me lots of trouble before, with it.
3) I don't really like the random color scheme shtick. I get trying to add some difficulty to the game, but it sucks having to rely on luck (via waiting) in a strategy game; those two concepts are opposite one another by definition. Somebody said making it so that you can't just do all the same color would suffice, and I agree.

Overall, Great Game, and I look forward to the sequel immensely!

CoreSector responds:

Your profile shows you have all the medals. Unfortunately I haven't figured out why the newgrounds medal popup doesn't work in this game.

The balance and random color issues will definitely be something to look into for any future sequel.

Excewllent game!!!

A Halloween game with medals? Cool!!!!!!!