Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

One of the best D games I've played

I love how you earn more skills through game play, and the twist on the last 3 bonus levels (26,27,28) made the game even more appreciative because its not like oh 3 more lvls of the same old same old. Cant wait for the nest one! I'd hope to see more challenging stuff like maybe mini bosses as a wave or 2 then have the last wave as a main boss with adds. Would defiantly make each level more challenging and would have to think about what towers to use.


love how after lv 25 you have up to 28... they were a challenge ,but i did finish them all XD


This game is fun on so many levels, but the music isnt my style, even though it fits the game perfectly, but either than that, LOVE IT!!!


this game is the best TD game since a long time
all 250 datacores in my hands and monstermode complete
"it`s the best game ever" :D

Respect 2 CoreSector

Great game!!

just finished the last level 25 any help with the last one?